12 Important Things Every Woman Needs In a Relationship


Every woman want a lot in a relationship, facts has revealed that women want fun, they like catching and being happy, simple things make women happy in relationship.
In summary, your girlfriend needs you to be real. She needs you to be real with God and real with her. I hope you are encouraged that you do not need to spend more money on her, and you don’t even need to become a better person necessarily.
She just wants you, the real you — the you that is at the core of your heart. If you focus on all the heart-stuff, all the non-tangible things, you will give your girl what she needs the most

  1. Someone who will make you breakfast in bed when it isn’t your birthday.

  2. Someone love her for real.

  3. A man who understand her and doesn’t treat her badly.

  4. Someone who will always be there for her in good times and bad times.

  5. Someone who wakes you up with the best s e x ever. Hey, you’ll both have a better start to your day.

  6. Someone who send her morning text messages and good night text messages.

  7. Romantic and caring man.

  8. Someone who knows exactly how to please you in bed. It’s like their body was made to please your body.

  9. God fearing man.

  10. Someone who feels totally lucky to be with you. Because you’re awesome, and you deserve to be with someone who appreciates your awesomeness.

  11. She Needs a Heart Connection (Intimacy)
    Your girlfriend wants to connect with your heart. She wants to know what you are thinking about. She wants to know your dreams and aspirations. She wants to know about the emotions you are experiencing: Are you hurt? Are you satisfied? Are you confused?
    Your girlfriend feels close to you when she is close to your heart.

  12. She Needs Him to Be Trustworthy and a Man of Integrity (Security)
    Your girlfriend needs to know that she can trust you. She needs to know that you have “eyes only for her.” She does not want to have to worry about if you are still communicating with old flames.

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