Lolz Saudi Arabian Singer Arrested For Dabbing On Stage (photos)


Mainly because of the “dabbing” move Saudi Arabian singer, Abdallah Al Shahani has been arrested during a live performance in south-west Saudi Arabia.Arabia.

Shahani, who is also a TV host and an actor got into trouble when he did the dab at a music festival in the city of Taif at the weekend.

Dabbing is a dance move, where the arms are put slantingly in the air, both pointing to the same side with one arm under the chin with head turned to the side.

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Dabbing is banned in Saudi Arabia where authorities consider it a reference to drug culture.

A video of Mr Al Shahani’s dab became popular on social media and thousands have tweeted about the incident.

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The singer apologised on Twitter on Tuesday writing, “I apologise to our respected government and to my audience for unintentionally and spontaneously making the dance move at Taif festival. Please accept my apology.”

السلام عليكم .. اقدم أشد اعتذاري لحكومتنا الرشيدة وجمهوري العزيز على الحركة

(العفوية الغير مقصوده ) في مهرجان الطائف

تقبلوا اعتذاري ..


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— عبدالله الشهراني (@Shaharani1A) August 6, 2017


The dab was arguably first seen in Atlanta rapper, Skippa da Flippa’s in 2014 video ‘How Fast Can You Count It,’ and later went on to become an internet craze even one of the Manchester United star, Paul Pogba has also been credited with making the dance move popular.


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